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health insurance in pakistan

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost in Pakistan?

Health insurance is an important part of any person’s life, and it’s even more important in a country like Pakistan. With so many threats to your health, it’s essential that you have coverage in case of an emergency. Fortunately,

there are a number of options for health insurance in Pakistan, so you can find one that meets your needs and budget. In this article, we’ll explore how much health insurance costs in Pakistan and which providers offer the best coverage. ###

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is a type of insurance that helps pay for medical expenses should they occur. Health insurance can be purchased in a number of ways,

including through an employer, through a government program like Medicare or Medicaid, or as part of a private health plan. Health insurance is an important part of the healthcare system in Pakistan and it is necessary for both individuals and families.

The cost of health insurance varies depending on the type of coverage selected and the country in which it is purchased. The average monthly premium for family coverage through an employer in Pakistan is around PKR 1,800 (~USD 150). Government programs like Medicare or Medicaid tend to be more affordable, with premiums averaging around PKR 600 (~USD 10) per month. Private health plans are also available, but they tend to be more expensive than government-provided options. The median yearly cost of private health insurance in Pakistan is PKR 30,000 (~USD 570).

Types of health insurance in Pakistan

There are two main types of health insurance in Pakistan: public and private. Public health insurance is provided by the government and is free for citizens. Private health insurance is not regulated by the government, but it is generally more expensive than public health insurance.

Public health insurance in Pakistan covers hospitalization, general medical care, maternity care, pediatric care, mental health services, and prescription drugs. Specialty care may also be covered under some plans. Coverage varies from plan to plan, but most plans cover at least some of the following:

Private health insurance in Pakistan generally covers a narrower range of services than public health insurance does. It generally only covers hospitalization, general medical care, maternity care, and prescription drugs. Some plans also cover dental care and eye exams. Coverage varies from plan to plan, but most plans usually do not cover specialty care.

Costs of health insurance in Pakistan

In Pakistan, health insurance is not as common as it is in other developed countries. However, it is still an important part of the healthcare system.

The costs of health insurance vary depending on the type of policy that you purchase. A basic health insurance plan will cost around Rs. 1,000 per month, while a more comprehensive plan will cost upwards of Rs. 2,500 per month. In addition to premiums, health insurance plans also require a monthly contribution from the patient. Uninsured patients may be required to pay additional fees or copayments for services received.

How to find the best health insurance for you

If you are looking for health insurance in Pakistan, there are a few factors to keep in mind. The first is what type of coverage you need. If you have a family, for example,

Traditional Health Insurance may be a good option for you. This type of coverage will cover medical costs for yourself and your family members up to a certain limit. If you only need basic coverage, then Medicare or Medicaid may be the best option for you. These programs will not have any limits on coverage, but they may not offer the best deal available.

You also need to consider your income level when choosing an insurance plan. For example, if you make less than $15,000 a year, you may want to consider buying individual health insurance through a broker instead of using a government program like Medicare or Medicaid.

There are many different types of health insurance available in Pakistan so it is important to do your research before selecting one. There are also many different options available depending on your income level and needs so it is important to find the right plan for you.


Health insurance in Pakistan can be quite costly, especially for those who have pre-existing conditions. A good place to start your search for affordable health insurance may be to compare quotes from a few different providers. Make sure to ask about coverage for prescription drugs, maternity care, mental health care and other important benefits that are important to you.

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