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Gunner Ethan Pankey

Introducing Gunner Ethan Pankey, Peter Gunz’s stunning son

Who is Gunner Ethan Pankey?

Gunner Ethan Pankey is the child of a celebrity. His birthday is February 13, 2016. At present, he is six years old. Tara Wallace is Gunner Ethan’s mother, and Peter Gunz is his father. At birth, Gunner weighed little more than 2.75 kg. At 1.25 am in the USA, he was born a healthy baby.

Gunner also has two older brothers. Kaz and Jamison are their names. When Gunner Ethan Pankey was born, Tara was ecstatic and claimed she had no words to describe her newfound love and family member. She also disclosed that Jamison and Kaz, Gunner’s older brothers, were ecstatic about the arrival of their younger brother. Gunner Ethan Pankey, reportedly, is Peter’s eighth kid and Tara’s third child.

Concerning Gunner Ethan Pankey’s Horoscope

According to his birthdate, Gunner is an Aquarius. His birthday is February 13, 2016. Saturn and Uranus are his governing planets. Air is Gunner Ethan’s element. Saturday is his lucky day. Turquoise is the lucky color for Gunner. The fortunate numbers for those born under this sign of the zodiac are 3, 4, 17, 18, and 22. Amethyst is the birthstone for Gunner.

Gunner will get along well with Gemini and Libra. Individuals born under this sign of the sun possess several advantageous traits. These individuals are fascinating, innovative, entertaining, and highly autonomous. But occasionally, they could lose focus and act erratically. They are irrational and inherently rebellious.

Gunner Ethan Pankey’s Parents Show Him A Lot of Love

Gunner’s parents and two siblings show him a lot of love. Gunner Ethan Pankey’s mother Tara regularly updates her social media accounts with photos of him. She once said in the caption of a photo of Gunner that he reminded her of herself. She added that Gunner and her have striking physical characteristics, such as skin tone, nose, and eye shape.

About Mother of Gunner Ethan Pankey

The name of Gunner’s mother is Tara Wallace. She has 45 years of age. She is an etiquette coach and actor from the United States. Tara’s birthplace is Mississippi. Her romance with rapper Peter Gunz brought her widespread fame. She has three sons with Gunz, whom she began seeing in 2000.

She had her first son, Jamison Pankey, in 2008, her second in 2012, and her third in 2016. She became famous after appearing on Love & Hip Hop: New York. She appeared in Love & Hip Hop: New York’s fourth season in 2013. Her popularity on Instagram is shown by her 1.3 million followers. Additionally, she has a large Twitter following.

Regarding Gunner Ethan Pankey’s Father:

 Peter Gunz is the father of Ethan Pankey. He is a rapper who is up for a Grammy. New York is where Peter Gunz was born. Being a vital component of the rap combo Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz catapulted him to popularity.

Personal Life and Adolescents

Kaz Wallace and Jamison Wallace are Gunner’s two siblings. His mother couldn’t put it into words how delighted she was about the birth of him and his siblings. Gunner was his father’s eighth kid and his mother’s third child. Gunner Pankey was Gunner’s stage name.

He bears a striking resemblance to his mother. From his various spouses and girlfriends, Peter is the father of ten children: Cory Gunz, Bronx Gunz, Jamison Wallace, and Cori Gunz. One of Gunner’s siblings, Cory Gunz, is the newest rapper Young Money has signed.

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Total Net Worth

His father is currently worth $500,000. His mother’s net worth is at $200,000. Therefore, it stands to reason that he inherited a sizable quantity of money from his parents. He leads a comfortable and opulent life.

Social Media and Disagreement

Since Gunner is just six years old, he is not currently active on any social media sites. However, his mother Tara shared a photo of him on social media. He is a primary school student right now. But his school’s name is kept under wraps.

As Peter had an adulterous romance with Amina, Gunner’s parents found themselves embroiled in a major scandal over a love triangle. The sole reason Peter and Tara split was because of Amina.


Gunner could now enjoy the rest of his life. I hope he follows in the footsteps of his well-known American singer father and his American actress mother, who work as personality development coaches.

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