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Fun Facts From Google about “I’m feeling curious”

No one knows for sure where the idea came from. Google hasn’t said anything public about it yet. It was probably done by one or more enthusiastic workers.

Based on Google search trends, it seems likely that the trick was first used in 2015. It was searched for a lot more in September 2015 than in any other month.  It’s likely that the rise in searches was because new people found it. It doesn’t seem likely that millions of people around the world found the trick at the same time.

But search results for “I’m feeling curious” go all the way back to the early 2000s. Though, not many people were interested in the term before September 2015.

This is the most likely scenario: the trick was first used in September 2015. This made a lot of people discover it for the first time, which would explain the rise in attention during and around that time. After that, there was a huge drop in interest in the term.

A less likely but still possible possibility is that the trick was around for a long time before 2015, when someone made it famous. This is not likely, though, since users often type “I’m feeling curious” without thinking about it. So, there is a very small chance that very few people will find it before 2015.

Some interesting things for you because “I’m Feeling Curious”!

In the past, when the feature first came out, Google would randomly ask you an interesting question that you would love to know the answer to. When you put the sentence in the query box, a random question will show up.

To find a new question to answer, you had to press the “Ask Another Question” button. This would bring up a new question at random. There won’t be many questions that you already know the answer to. That’s just how smart Google is.

What did Bruce Lee learn?

Bruce Lee is a name that almost everyone knows. He is most likely the most famous action star ever. But almost no one, except for his biggest fans, really knows where he came from or what he studied.

Bruce learns Wing Chun from Ip Man, who is the most famous Wing Chun Master. There are too many movies about the martial arts master’s life to list. However, most of them are made up. Bruce Lee learned how to fight from Ip Man when he was only sixteen years old. This happened after he lost a fight at school with members of another gang.

When a goalie throws the ball, can someone score?

Most football fans are interested in this question, and the answer is yes, a goalie can score that way. There is no clear rule that can stop this action from happening. No matter how the goalie throws the ball, the game starts according to the rules.

Interesting Google Facts I’m feeling curious

Here are some examples of random facts and the short answers that the program gave for each one:

• Why does the moon affect the tides?

The Moon and Sun’s gravitational pull on Earth causes the tides. The part of the Earth that is closer to the Moon or the Sun is pulled a little more, making a bulge. This is because the gravitational force drops as the distance squared.

• Who has run the fastest mile?

Hicham El Guerrouj holds the record for men with a time of 3:43.13, and Svetlana Masterkova holds the record for women with a time of 4:12.56. In order to keep records, the IAAF has only accepted the mile as a non-metric distance since 1976.

Google has some interesting facts. I’m feeling curious

This is a list of some interesting facts and the short answers that the program gives:

• What percentage of people in the world live south of the equator? The southern region is home to only 10–12% of the world’s people. South of the equator is home to about 800 million people. This is a very small part of the 7.8–8 billion people who live in the world.

• How long does it take for your eyes to get used to the dark? Your retinal rods fully adapt to night vision in about 30 to 45 minutes.

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